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Student Support Services

Julie MeyerDirector of Support Services

Julie Meyer


It is the policy of the Lexington City School System not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability in its educational programs or employment policies as required by Titles VI and IX of the Civil rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act of 1973, Title IX (972 Educational Amendments), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Inquiries regarding compliance should be directed to the following:  Julie Meyer or Elaine Townsend at 99 Monroe Avenue, Lexington, TN 38351 or call 731-967-5591.  Fax  731-967-0794.



Federal Programs School Safety Summary for 2020-2021

2020-2021 Federal Programs Overview

Title I

Title I, Part A:  Improving the Academic Achievement of Disadvantaged Children.


Title II, Part A

Title II, Part A: Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teacher and Principals.


Title III

Title III:  Support for English as a Second Language Students.


Title V, RLIS

Title VI, RLIS:  Support for Rural and Low Income Schools


SRO Grant

Innovative Acceleration Fund


Safe Schools Grant

Provides funding for innovative practices in school safety



Provides funding for expenditures related to COVID 19






Federal funds are allocated to school systems to supplement existing system funding.  Both Caywood Elementary School and Lexington Middle School operate as School Wide Title I Programs, therefore, funds are used across the board to benefit all of the children in our schools.

In addition, Lexington City Schools applied for and received grants to help fund school resource officers.  This money went toward funding SROs on the campuses of Caywood Elementary School and Lexington Middle School.

Lexington City uses its federal funding to implement initiatives that otherwise may not be funded.  These initiatives provide valuable materials and services for our children, including:

  • All or part of the salaries for six employees including two instructional coaches to work with teachers and students across the system, two academic interventionists and two paraprofessionals
  • Professional development for staff
  • Instructional supplies for children
  • School Resource Officers on the campuses of Caywood Elementary School and Lexington Middle School
  • Parental engagement activities including support with the Henderson County, Lexington City Family Affair event
  • Education Initiatives for children identified as homeless