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Lexington City School System


(Based on Lexington City Schools Policy 6.200)

Attendance in school and participation in class are an integral part of academic achievement and the teaching-learning process. Regular attendance develops patterns of behavior essential to professional and personal success in life. Regular attendance by every student is mandated by the State of Tennessee’s compulsory attendance laws. Parents or legal guardians have the responsibility for ensuring that students attend and remain at school daily. 

A.  Attendance Standards 

For reporting purposes, a student must attend school 50 percent of the school day in order to be counted as present for the entire day.  


B.  Absences 

When a student must miss school, a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian must be presented to the teacher on the day returning after an absence. If the student does not present a note within three days, the absence will be coded as unexcused. Board policy provides that an absence may be coded as excused for the following reasons:

  1. Personal illness or injury which makes the student physically unable to attend school, (including medical or dental appointments with statement from doctor’s office);
  2. Illness of immediate family member;
  3. Death in the immediate family;
  4. Extreme weather conditions;
  5. Observance of an event required or suggested by the religion of the student or the student's parent(s) with prior approval by the principal;
  6. Circumstances which in the judgment of the principal create emergencies over which the student has no control.  

Extended illnesses may require a statement from a physician. Out-of-school suspensions will be counted as a lawful absence for attendance record-keeping purposes. 


C. Truancy 

The following procedures will address excessive unexcused absences:

  1. 3 Unexcused Absences – Parent will be notified of potential truancy problem.
  2. 5 Unexcused Absences – The student and parent will be notified and required to attend a meeting with the principal to discuss the matter and create a plan of correction.
  3. 8 Unexcused Absences – The student will be referred to the Lexington City School System Truancy Board. (To be held at the Henderson County Court House.)
  4. 10 Unexcused Absences – A Petition will be filed with the Henderson County Juvenile Court and a hearing scheduled to appear before the juvenile court judge.

D.  Excessive Absenteeism

Class attendance and participation are critical elements of the educational process and may be taken into account in assessing academic achievement and promotion. Students with excessive absences (excused or unexcused) may be required to attend before/after school sessions, intersession and/or summer school as determined by the principal.  Administrators have the discretion to direct administrative actions (i.e. Parenting Classes for elementary students and Saturday School for middle school students).  Failure to comply with assigned administrative actions may result in immediate referral to the LCSS Truancy Board.


E. School-Related Activities            

All classroom activities are important and difficult, if not impossible, to replace if missed. It is the intention of the Board of Education that classes missed be kept to an absolute minimum through close scrutiny and a monitoring system on the part of the principal. School-related activities must be approved in advance by the principal. The following school-related activities will not be counted as absences from either class or school:  

  1. Field trips sponsored by the school;
  2. School-initiated and scheduled activities;
  3. Athletic events requiring early dismissal from school;
  4. In-school suspension.

Assignments missed for these reasons will be completed by students. The teacher will determine when work is to be made up. The student is responsible for finding out what assignments are due and completing them within the specified time period. 


F. Parent Notes

Students are allowed 5 parent notes per year to address up to 5 days of absences.  Parent notes must explain the reason for the absence which must fall under the guidelines for excused absences and include the date(s) of the absence.  It must be signed by the parent and returned by the student within 3 days of his/her return to school. After 5 days have been excused by parent notes, all other excuses will be determined based on valid documentation under the guidelines for excused absences as outlined by board.


G. Tardies-Checkins/Checkouts

A tardy is documented for any portion of the school day that a student is not in school such as late arrival to school (check-in) or leaving early from school (check-out). The amount of time lost due to a student being checked-in or checked-out will be documented as UNEXCUSED until either a parent note or excused category reason is turned in to the office.  If the note is not presented within three days, the tardy/checkin/checkout will remain coded as unexcused.  


Parents will be required to sign their child in each time they are late.


H. Excessive Tardies-Checkins/Checkouts

The following procedures will address excessive tardies-checkins/checkouts:

  1. 5 or more unexcused tardies during the school year – Parents will be notified.  
  2. 7 or more unexcused tardies during the school year – The student and parent will be required to meet with the principal to discuss the matter and create a plan of correction.
  3. 10 or more unexcused tardies during the school year – The student and parents will be referred to the Lexington City Truancy Board.
  4. 11 or more unexcused tardies during the school year – The student will   be referred to the Henderson County Juvenile Court.