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Formative Assessment



FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT is not about “GOTCHA”… (giving a “pop” quiz to see who studied).


Formative assessment is checking for learning… to identify who has hit the target goal and who needs more intensive help and practice in understanding. Formative assessment is ongoing all year long. Formative assessment is not given to produce a “grade”. It is given to gain information and identify what the student needs next in order to differentiate instruction.

Formative assessment is a range of formal and informal assessments. It is commonly contrasted with summative assessment which seeks to monitor educational outcomes, such as promotion. Informal formative assessments may be something as simple as “thumbs up or thumbs down” during classroom instruction to let the teacher know if the student understands…to benchmark assessments which are considered formal formative assessments.

Our students participate in formal benchmark assessments three times a year. Kindergarten through 8 th grade takes the STAR Enterprise assessments in reading and math. We use the normed reference data from STAR to drive our RTI Tiers, and the criterion reference data to prepare for the TCAP in the spring. Our students in grades 2 – 8 will take the CASE Benchmark assessment in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies to gauge the yearly growth.

PK students take the Easy CBM Letter Naming and Number Identification assessments to help us measure their progress. Finally, all PK – 8 students do writing prompts quarterly to develop and perfect their writing skills.