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LCSS Virtual Learning Academy Guidelines



Lexington City Schools Virtual Learning Academy Guidelines

Lexington City Schools Virtual Learning Academy (LCSVLA) is a non-traditional learning setting within the Lexington City Schools System. Classes are taught remotely by Lexington City Schools teachers. All courses are aligned with the district’s instructional goals and the Tennessee’s academic standards, curriculum frameworks, and assessments. Courses are accredited and approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee State Board of Education.

For parents to enroll their children in the Virtual Learning Academy, parents will complete on-line pre-registration available on the LCSS website ( the same if the students are attending via the traditional classroom. Once you complete early registration, email your children’s principal(s) to let them know you have registered online but plan to attend the Virtual Learning Academy through LCSS. Both virtual and traditional students will need to attend registration at their appropriate school on Aug. 3.

Principal Contacts are:

CES: Paden Buckley:

LMS: Whitney Owens:

Because the online learning environment is not appropriate for every student, all parents and students applying for full time enrollment in LCSVLA will be required to attend a meeting to establish if remote learning will best serve the student’s individual learning needs. Once you are a remote learner, you can opt back in for traditional classroom learning at the end of each 9 weeks.

Per the TN State Board of Education, students enrolled in remote learning must commit to working 6.5 hours per day in grades 1-8 and 4 hours per day in Kindergarten to stay on pace in all subjects and make adequate progress. Students who do not meet these expectations will not be eligible for continued enrollment in the program. (Please note this is VERY different from spring.) Attendance will be required daily and grades will be taken.

Virtual students will be required to participate in assessments for learning in person at the appropriate school. This includes exams, benchmark assessments, and TNReady/TCAP. These assessments could require a remote student to be on campus for multiple days in order to complete these various assessments. Instruction will be delivered by Lexington City School teachers through video lesson live for synchronous learning so students at home can interact and asynchronously, watched at a different time, learning when connectivity is not available. Assignments will be accessed through Google Classroom from each teacher.

During this unprecedented time, we have two goals. 1.) Keeping our students and staff healthy and safe. 2.) Providing continued learning for our students. We believe providing a Virtual Learning option for families will help LCSS accomplish these goals.