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12 Powerful Words


What do we mean by powerful words? These are the words that stump students when they take standardized tests like TCAP.  Students may feel intimidated or confused by these words causing them to answer a question incorrectly, when they know the answer.

What is Caywood Elementary School doing with these words? Teachers, administrators and staff will be promoting these 12 powerful words with our students. The words will be used consistently in the classroom and throughout the school.

What can you do? Check out the words below and use them with your child on a daily basis. Ask your child to use the words in their written responses to homework. Have your child make up their own questions utilizing these words. By incorporating these words in your child's daily life you will be helping to boost their academic achievement.


Power Word      Meaning
 Trace  List in steps
 Analyze  Break apart
 Infer  Read between the lines
 Evaluate  Judge
 Formulate  Create
 Describe      Tell us about; Use details
 Support  Back up with details
 Explain  Tell how
 Summarize  Give me the short version
 Compare  All the ways they are alike
 Contrast  All the ways they are different
 Predict  What will happen next

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