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We'll Take Those Compliments!

Parents, every time we have visitors in our building (State Department personnel, other district personnel meeting at one of our schools for a training event, or local groups) they always, and I mean always, compliment the behavior, attitude, and manners of our students. Visitors are acknowledged correctly and appropriately. They are not "run over" by students changing classes. During an assembly, the students listen respectfully to the speaker. Visitors notice and positively comment on our students, your children. Even the bus drivers we contract with to take our students to sporting events and field trip, tell me the same thing. They take time to call me and tell me what well-mannered students we have (and that's on a bus)! While it seems all the news is about standards and testing, there are other facets of education that are not measured by a test score.This is important and one of the attributes of our schools that you won't see on the State Report Card.  When our students are complimented by visitors, those compliments reflect the students' parents and the culture of the students' school. I believe both parents and schools deserve an A!


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