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What Christopher Robin said to Winnie the Pooh

The students and teachers lined up in the gym this morning waving signs and clapping while "Roar" blasted from the speaker.  They were waiting for their HEROES to come through the line and when they did, the gym erupted into a thunderous applause and whistles and shouts of individual names!  And did they ever come through the line...with their teachers and with their own banner letting the world, or at least West Tennessee, know who they were and what they were going to do! Today they were Olympians. Feeling all of the power and strength and positive energy the first Olympians did in 776 BC. Today they represented Lexington City School System just like their older peers at Lexington Middle who were on their way over on the bus to take them to Jackson for the competition today.  Before they ever left their buildings they were winners.  They have taught us more about heart and strength and perseverance than any of the rest of us will ever know. They left us to go to the Special Olympics and a day of competition and awards they will never forget. What we were left with was a picture in our minds and feeling in our hearts that we will never forget.  It reminds me of something Christopher Robin told Winnie the Pooh, "Remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin was right then... and now. 


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