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Technology Systems

micheal crewseTechnology Systems Administrator

Michael Crewse 


Instructional Technology

“Keeping a hand on the pulse of today’s technology with eyes to the future”

      From interactive whiteboards, student computer stations and telephones in every classroom to shared access to a computer lab per grade level, the Lexington City School System is rich in technology. In recent years access to iPods and iPads as well as other handheld technology have been added to our system.

   The focus of the 2018-19 school year has been the massive deployment of Promethean Active Panels in every classroom, system-wide. 3rd Grade students have access to netbooks in every classroom. 4-8 Grades are utilizing Chromebooks. Each student grades 4-8 has the ability to take their Chromebooks home. 

The Lexington City School System utilizes many online and server-based programs to monitor and assess student achievement. Such titles include:

  • Edmentum Exact Path

  • Classlink SSO

  • Accelerated Reader

  • Accelerated Math

  • Star Early Literacy

  • Study Island

  • Brain Pop

  • Brain Pop Jr

  • Brain Pop Espanol

  • StarFall

Student to computers: 1:1

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