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Title IA

Glossary Link Title IA - http://www.tn.gov/education/fedprog/fptitle1.shtml

The purpose of Tennessee's federally funded Title I, Part A Program is to support local school districts improve teaching and learning for students in high-poverty schools so that these students meet the state's challenging content and performance standards.

Title I schools can operate either as targeted assistance or school wide. Targeted assistance schools identify students who are at risk of not meeting the state's content and performance standards and provide individualized instructional programs to the identified students so that they may meet the state's standards. Schoolwide programs use their funds to improve the entire program of the school so that all students are impacted.  Based on the number of students identified in the low socio-economic category, Lexington City operates school wide programs at both Caywood Elementary School and Lexington Middle School.

For more information about Title I see http://www.tn.gov/education/fedprog/fptitle1.shtml

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