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Board of Education

2018 19SchoolBoard

Board of Education

Front Row: Carl Cooley, Ann Anderson, Jack Hinson

Back Row: Chad Wood, Robert Helms (Chairman), Jim Terry, Jason Bates



Lexington City School System Board of Education

System Goals for 2016-2019

Every Child Valued, Every Child Challenged, Every Child Successful

The Mission of the Lexington City School System is to provide a quality education that values the contribution of every student and increases the achievement of every student in a challenging atmosphere in order for every student to become a successful and thoughtful contributor to society.

To achieve the mission, the Lexington City School System commits to providing:

Goal 1: education in a safe and supportive environment that develops the intellectual, emotional, social, creative, and physical

Strategy 1: Ensure safe, clean, secure, well-maintained facilities

Strategy 2: Support a rigorous curriculum aligned with student learning needs

Strategy 3: Maintain a respectful, intellectually stimulating environment

Strategy 4: Improve the quality of interventions and implementation of Glossary Link RTI for all Tiers

Strategy 5: Implement a Character Education program at both schools that emphasizes manners, cooperation, patriotism, responsibility, and leadership.

Strategy 6: Assign system administrator to monitor the rigor of assignments and projects for the top 10% of students

Strategy 7: Provide personnel/coaching to teach basketball skills to 4 th and 5 th grade students and arrange for games with other 4 th /5 th grade teams in and out of the county

Strategy 8: Pilot state personalized learning program, if offered, to support student remediation and acceleration (If not available, begin to create study plan for the PL program for students in LCSS for 2017-18)

Strategy 9: Utilize the assistance of the Read to Be Ready Literacy coaches in the SW Core

TN Succeeds Priority Areas: Early Foundations and Literacy and All Means All

Goal 2: a highly effective and motivated staff to achieve our educational goals

Strategy 1: Recruit exemplary, highly effective instructional personnel and school leaders.

Strategy 2: Retain teachers and principals with compensation for student achievement gains that meet and/or state

mandates for all students

Strategy 3: Streamline the evaluation process with principals and assistant principals as the teacher evaluators

Strategy 4: Train for the use of PK/K portfolios in 2017-18.

TN Succeeds Priority Area: Educator Support

Goal 3: an environment that encourages the professional growth and development of all employees

Strategy 1: Equip instructional personnel with the tools and resources to reach the highest level of teacher

Strategy 2: Expect and evaluate excellence in instruction through research-based practice

Strategy 3: Support administrative staff through quality professional development, guidance in decision making, and

assistance when working through problems without micro-managing their position

Strategy 4: Train and develop 3-5 Teacher-Leaders who will assist in mentoring, supporting, and enhancing the

teaching staff in PK-K, 1st -2nd, 3rd -5th, and 6th -8th and provide supplement through Differentiated Pay Plan

Strategy 5: Seek out research-based models for rigorous and differentiated professional learning

TN Succeeds Priority Area: Educator Support

Goal 4: educational programs that prepare students for life in a technological, global society by helping them think critically, act responsibly, and communicate clearly

Strategy 1: Provide appropriate access to and interaction with current instructional technology

Strategy 2: Provide appropriate experiences during school and in extra-curricular activities to enhance educational

Strategy 3: Expand technology learning at LMS to include coding, robotics, and simulation problem solving

Strategy 4: Broaden the reach of all students access to instructional technology by funding the 1:1 Technology as a Service program offered by the TDE for all students beginning with grades 3-8

TN Succeeds Priority Area: High School and Bridge to Postsecondary and All Means All

Goal 5: facilities, budgetary systems, and strategic planning processes that ensure current and future education requirements

Strategy 1: Focus utilization of fiscal resources on identified student needs

Strategy 2: Utilize forecasting tools to communicate future needs

Strategy 3: Support differentiated pay plans aligned to instructional priorities and educator development

Strategy 4: Access and use state-provided technology platforms and tools that support and automate district work

TN Succeeds Priority Area: District Empowerment

Goal 6: cooperation and ongoing collaboration among students, families, staff and the community.

Strategy 1: Partner with parents and community members to actively support educational and extra-curricular

Strategy 2: Continue with After School Care at CES for working parents with emphasis on Homework Help, Literacy, and Physical Education.

Strategy 3: Provide Community PR regarding activities and accomplishments at both schools every 4.5 weeks and in July prior to each new school year

Strategy 4: Develop Citizenship Learning Outcomes for all students in PK-8 and integrate into Character Education for 2016-17 (also aligns with Goal 1, Strategy 7)

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Board of Education