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1:1 Securly Parent Portal


Parent Portal: Frequently asked questions

1. Why am I receiving this email?

  • Your child’s school has partnered with Securly to provide an online student safety solution and all parents’ emails are registered by the school.
  • Weekly activity emails provide snapshots of your child’s Internet use at school.
  • The emails you receive can help start conversations around various topics, including education, online safety, and peer pressure.

2. The school registered my email, but I still haven’t received a link. What happened?

  • Allow 24 hours from the estimated arrival date before determining whether an email has gone missing.
  • Be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder for an email from Securly.com
  • If you’ve waited 24 hours and checked your spam folder, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

3. Why did the “Your child _______’s activity report” email I receive say “Not enough data”?

  • Not to worry. This means the minimum amount of activity required to generate an email hasn’t been reached. To see if there has been activity on the device, just access the Parent Portal by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the email.

4. How do I setup my Parent Portal account?

  • Parents cannot register their own email with Securly. Your child’s school must register your email.
  • The school will give you an estimate of when you will receive your first email from Securly.
  • The email from Securly will read “Your Child ______’s Activity Report” in the subject line. Once open, either click on “go to my parent portal” or “sign up for Securly, it’s free.” Then, complete the checkboxes to be directed to the portal.

5. In the Parent Portal, why can’t I see any activity?

  • Your school may have elected to show at-home activity only. If this is the case, your weekly report and activity feed will remain empty unless your child uses their school-issued (1:1) device. Check with your school to confirm their settings.

6. What is in the “Flagged” section?

  • On Chromebooks that allow social media access, posts on FaceBook, Twitter, and G+ are scanned for instances of bullying or grief. If instances are found, the post is flagged (Post only, no comments/images).
  • Flagged sites: If a student accesses a suspicious site, we flag it.
  • Flagged keywords:  Securly has a list of words that are marked as “Suspicious”. If a student searches it on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, or Wiki we flag them.

7. What do I do if I get an alert that is cause for concern?

  • Every alert is unique and should be addressed accordingly and appropriately.
  • For emergencies, always call 9-1-1.
  • For concerns or information regarding self-harm, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

8. I have multiple kids. How do I determine which item in the Activity tab belongs to which child?

  • The child's email address is listed beside each item in the activity feed, d is in chronological order.
  • To see an individual child’s activity, simply type their email address into the search bar at the top and hit enter.

9. How can I add an email address to my child’s account?

  • For safety reasons, only your child’s school is authorized to register emails, so contact them to request any changes.

10. Who else sees the information contained in the Portal and the weekly email?

  • The network administrator at the school has access to all records.
  • School staff members can be delegated access to pull records, if necessary.
  • The school will provide you with a list of which parents or guardians have access if verification is needed.

11. How is the information in the email/Parent Portal collected?

  • Securly monitors your child’s online activity while at school.
  • A web filter records which sites were allowed or blocked.
  • This information is shared by the school and stored for data analysis to increase Securly’s effectiveness.
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